Instructions for Using the Audacity, Photostory, and VoiceThread



                Free download:




                For a beginner, only four buttons are used:  record, pause, stop, and play.  As one becomes a more advanced user, the Effects menu provides        
                opportunities to play around with the tracks by changing speed, pitch, and volume, just to name a few.  


               Photostory 3 for Windows

                Free download:



                There are really only five simple steps to completing a Photostory presentation. 

                1.  Import images.

                2.  Add captions (if needed).

                3.  Record narration.     

                4.  Import music or add customized music (if needed). 

                5.  Follow onscreen directions to finalize project so that it is playable on other computers. 



                No download, just run this program from




                VoiceThread is simple to use. 

            1.  Create an account.

            2.  Upload a video, an image, or a question.   

            3.  Monitor students' comments.